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David finds himself in a strange bar where time stands still and demons drown their sorrows.


The story opens on DAVID, a confused man, who awakens in a strange bar and meets three men, STEVE TAGLIA, BILL TREBOR, and LESTER WINTERS, plus an unusually dressed BARTENDER. But the peculiar person in the room is NICOR.

The bartender and the guys make David feel welcome, but Nicor has something else in mind.  As David begins to make sense of everything his mind floods images of memories and David holds his breath as he fights for air.


the WATERING hole, yes that is how it is referenced — this creates a branding icon — of sorts;  the WATERING hole was selected as on of the ten films to be made for the Access Sacramento's “A Place called Sacramento” Screenplay contest and Film Festival for 2011.

The basic outline of the story was written in under three hours by Gerald Martin Davenport on a night he was awoken by his battery back ups when the power went out due to heavy snow in the Sierra's;   unable to get back to sleep he tossed and turned until he finally got up and wrote the story with only a camping light and a pad of paper — the story was without a title.  The next morning, while the generator was running, he typed it up in Final Draft and sent it to a few key people such as Brendan Brooks, Steve Dakota, and Rob Tillitz to get feedback.   Rob Tillitz returned feedback as well as some story ideas and Gerald asked him to be the producer.

After a few rewrites the story became tighter and more erie, and after an online title contest and voting session, “the WATERING hole” was chosen by over 80 people as the title.


W.A.V.E. (Western Access Video Excellence) film award from the Alliance for Community Media West in April of 2012.


Rob Tillitz


Brendan Brooks, Mark Hoffman, Jim Heck


Rob Tillitz (David), William Vannoland (Nicor), Jason Michael Shannon (Bartender), Rafael Siegel (Steve Taglia), Daniel Roberts (Bill Trebor), JP Dunne (Lester Winters), Christa Bella (Female Nicor), Robyn Jean Springer (Female Bartender), Victoria Elizabeth Melshaw (Verona), Christa Quinn (Naämäh [na'äh - mäh]), Paul T. McGee (Jackson), Don Carlos Sanders, Meghan Malia Bird (Taesah), Deborah Adair (lilith), Yinique Myo-Flores



10 Minutes




PG - Parental Guidance

Official Preview

a film by Gerald Davenport and Rob Tillitz

W.A.V.E. Award and Producers Choice Award Winner